Board and Staff

It takes exceptional volunteer leadership to bring the music to life on the Gulf Coast. Many hours of thought and planning precede the outcome of great performances. Thank you to the members of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony Board of Directors.

Executive Board

Will Shurley, President
Janice Williams, Vice President
Lynn Lofton, Secretary
Jerry Griffith, Treasurer
Cindy Lamb, Past President
Viki Yaron, Guild President
Peter Rubardt, Music Director (ex officio)

Board of Directors

Susan Pollard
Kevin Dobbins
Daniel Martinez
Deanne Stephens
Brandon Wilson
Jonathan Woodward
Bill McDonough
Kelsey Sunderman-Foster
Pat Pinson

Meet the Staff

Meet the people who work behind the scenes putting together performances from the ground up. Everyone at the Executive Offices strives to help the Mississippi Gulf Coast Symphony maintain the highest standards of excellence.

Executive Office

LILYANA GANDOUR, Office Administrator


PETER RUBARDT, Music Director
DANIEL MARTINEZ, Youth Orchestra Music Director
JORGE GONZALES, Manager of Orchestra Personnel